Surgical procedures & Emergencies

No one plans on an emergency. As a house call service we are not set up to provide emergency care as we are unable to run immediate diagnostics like radiographs and blood work or provide hospitalizations/surgeries. In case of an emergency, we advise you to call your Little Rock emergency vet or one of the following hospitals for emergency care and surgeries:

Little Rock ER Vets

Chenal Valley Animal Hospital
18 Rahling Circle, LR, AR 72223
Hours: 7am-5:30pm M-F,
7am-12pm Saturdays

Briarwood Animal Hospital
8422 Kanis Road, LR, AR 72204
Hours: 7am-6pm M-F, 7am-12pm Saturdays

Arkansas Veterinary Emergency and Specialists
11619 Pleasant Ridge Road, LR, AR 72212
Hours: 24-hour emergency care with specialists

North Little Rock ER Vets

Interstate Animal Hospital
5109 Warden Road, NLR, AR 72116
Hours: 7am-6pm M-F, 8am-2pm Saturdays

After Hours Animal Hospital
290 Smokey Lane, NlR, AR 72117
Hours: 6pm-12am Mon-Sun

You are welcome to contact us and we will try to help refer you to the nearest hospital, however Dr. Ball does not answer the phone if she is in an appointment. If you do not hear back within 20 minutes or your pet is very ill please call one our hospitals above.